Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This Little Piggy

I am so happy it's summer!! We are in the middle of a beautiful week up here in the Green Mountains! I've been barefoot or wearing flip flops for weeks and I've fallen in love again with my Tingle foot care products! With menthol, calendula & eucalyptus, our pedicure line provides the perfect pampering experience for our summertime feet! This is a gift kit I did for the crafty club that I've been teaching. It includes Fabulous Foot Soak, Fabulous Foot Scrub & Fabulous Foot Lotion, along with a slice of loofah to do the hard work! Wouldn't it be perfect for bridesmaids or future MIL's? And really, we all deserve to enjoy life's simple pleasures ~ like clean, shiny feet! A full size pedi kit is available here on etsy.

Hope your piggies are enjoying summer, too!

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