Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just Passing Through

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! It's a special day around here because it's Austen's birthday. He turned twelve yesterday! How'd that happen? :) After our time honored tradition of watching the Fourth of July Parade, we came home and had our 11th Annual Tallman Fourth of July Party. It is was so great for us to share a beautiful, sunny day with so many of our sweetest, nicest, zaniest friends! We've had a hard time here in town for the past 10 days. Gathering with our friends helped to remind us of how special they are and how lucky we are. Those friendships for the parents and kids are truly gifts to us.
In a quieter moment, we noticed this sweet little deer over by the chicken coop, visiting. He was probably so happy to much a little of their feed and enjoy their frenetic company. Alas, Max noticed him after a few minutes and decided to join the party. He broke up the meeting with his loud lab bark and a big charge across the yard. Then he grabbed a stick, thinking maybe a little fetch was in order. We call that a Party Foul!


Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Two birthdays so close~ wonderful! What a handsome young man! Sounds like the party was fun with family & friends. Really have to enjoy when life is so good.

Sakai Family said...

It was an awesome July 4 party, as usual! So nice that the weather was so kind to us this year. Frankly, we deserved it after the wretched few weeks we have gone through. It was so healing for the kids to be able to get together and just be kids having old-fashioned fun on the 4th of July.... Thanks for coming through for them with a fun-filled day.....

Happy Birthday to Austen!

The Sakais