Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Bubble Class.. A New Teacher

Austen and Peter have known their friend, Jacob, since they were tiny. Peter and Jacob are about 4 month apart in age and they have been buddies since the beginning. In fact, we have known Jon & Ann (his parents) since days before kids. (I don't remember those days, but I know they happened!) Jacob also has a brother, Isaac, who is Cora's age and a sister, Olivia, who is Ella's age. Anyway, Jacob came over for some play time the other day and brought Jarvis, who stayed with the Kaplans for 2 weeks as part of the Fresh Air Fund.

Austen thought it would be fun to make some soap with the boys, so off they went to get some suds going. It's amazing how little I have to participate in these projects now that the boys are so much older. Austen took on the role of lead instructor. He did a great job explaining the technique of making Melt & Pour soap. Peter was right there with him showing Jacob and Jarvis some of his favorite molds and fragrances.

Jarvis left for home the next morning. We are all happy to think of his family getting bubbly in the Bronx with the soap that he made up here in the Green Mountains.


Anonymous said...

Austen sounds like shades of his mom...way to go! What terrific memories - and a bonus soap! - Jarvis brought back with him.

Suds to Love said...

What a great memory for Jarvis to take with him! You've got some wonderful kids Heather!

Anne-Marie said...

This is awesome. It looks like everyone had a great time - and I've always heard about the Fresh Air Fund but haven't had a chance to explore it until today. It looks like a great organization.

Heidi said...

You have such sweet kids! I hope mine are on their way to being so kind = )