Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In the Aussie Soap Groove

A couple of months ago, darling Michelle from Oats & Honey picked me to win her amazing Pink Gift Bag. It was full of yummy stuff! She sent me Granola Scrub, avocado and yoghurt (I just love that h) soap, carrot and calendula soap as well as a box of two chocolate bubble muffins! Now it's time to tell y'all just how lucky I am!

Michelle's products are fantastic! The carrot & calendula soap and the avocado & yogurt soap are super smooth and creamy. I've been using both on my face and I just love them. They are a softening bit of bubble heaven! The Granola Scrub is amazing! It smells so good! Michelle uses vanilla bean and cocoa butter in this one and it's a homerun! This scrub goes on gently and cleans off nicely. It leaves you soft and delish! The only bits left from this great goody bag are the chocolate bubble muffins. I promised Ella & Cora a little spa moment with them, so we're holding on for just the right moment.

Do stop over to visit Michelle's fun blog! She is such a love. Not only is she an incredible bubble formulator, but she's also a full time student. How does she do it?? If you can get some of her soap, grab it! You'll feel her super sweet personality in every one of her products!! Thanks again, Michelle!!! You are way too kind! :)


Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Wow! What a wonderful bunch of goodies! I peek in at Michelle's blog and am amazed at how talented she is! Lucky you~

Joanna said...

oooo, I am feeling green with envy.... :P

LoveMichie said...

I'm so glad you liked it!!! *hugs* :) Thanks Carrie! Hehe *hugs* to you too!