Monday, February 23, 2009

Ten Thousand Tuesday?

Tomorrow is a big day for me & Twin Birch. I'm meeting with another one of the decision makers involved in the 10,000 bar order. I am ready and excited. Thanks to all of you in the soapmaking world, I feel more than ready to explain why they will be so much better off using my handcrafted soap than *ahem* some others! :) The greatest thing is that, no matter how this particular deal works out, the client loved my soap. I feel like it's a win no matter what. (But, oh yes! I do want that order!! Fingers crossed & updates to follow!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Black Stripe Super Star!

Gerry tested for his Black Stripe at Tae Kwon Do last night. He tested with Ramsey, who earned her Red Belt! Both of them were amazing! Both Masters Chase said that their testing was impressive and that they were very proud of them!

They weren't the only ones! I was all choked up watching Gerry. It's really inspiring to see how well we all can do something when we practice really hard and put our minds to it! His testing was a great demonstration of determination & discipline. And Ramsey was right there with him! Watching the two of them test makes me want to challenge myself even harder!

PJ also tested last night and earned his Blue Belt. He did a great job, too. He has the loudest kiyup ever!

Congratulations to all of you! Your testing last night proves it~ Randolph Dojang Rocks!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm Sorry, Did You Say Ten Thousand?

WOOT!! I couldn't believe my ears when one of my clients said that he was talking to a colleague about my soap and they want to place a ten thousand piece order! I am channeling my inner Bob the Builder (Can we make it? YES WE CAN!!) None of the specifics are ironed out and I'm super~superstitious, so I'm not counting any chickens yet. But I'm so incredibly excited! I just had to share! :) Cross your fingers for me!!!In other news, Max continues to heal from his neck injury. Every time he lifts his head in a funny way I hold my breath, but so far so good. Really, he's back to his old (crazy puppy) self in so many ways. He chewed through his lead in 57 seconds while we were with the vet for a check up. *SIGH* (smile)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Facebook Flashback

I'm probably one of the last people to join Facebook. I'm always trying to get off of the computer so I can get some work done, take a nap, live my life... Anyway, I'm on and I think it's hilarious! I've connected with so many friends from school & my hometown. It's so much fun to catch up and see what they are up to! There are pictures from elementary school, Jr. High & High School. This picture has stirred up some discussion. I think it was taken from a fifth grade class trip. Others think it was a sixth grade trip, which I don't think I went on, but others do! Anyway, thanks to my classmate Glenn Harvey for letting me post the pic. I'm the girl in the light blue windbreaker. :)

BTW, when my 12 year old saw the picture he said, "Hey mom, there you are! Look at your cute pixel~ated face! LOL! Pixel wasn't even a word when I was in elementary school!