Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Home Again

Last Thursday and Friday I chaperoned a trip to Groton State Park with half of the third & fourth grade population. Cora is a third grader this year (already!). When Austen's class went, I assured Gerry that if he went with the boys, I'd go with the girls. At the time, they were still small enough to carry on a hip or in a back pack. Peter didn't get to go, poor plum, because his teacher was expecting her second baby and not up to the trip.
No wonder! Chaperoning the whole trip means gearing up for a full day of hiking and outdoor activities and a night in a leanto with 4 other children and 1 other adult. I have to say up front that I had a wonderful time on the trip! Spending quality time with just Cora (#3 of 4) was really sweet and fun. Her friends and classmates are quite a cute group. If you like Cora's hat, check out Sassy Grace Boutique on Etsy. That being said, I think it's worth noting that the overnight temperatures were in the low 30's and the highs on Thursday were in the mid 40's. No rain during the day, but I woke up at least four times in the night and listened to showers hitting the roof of the leanto. Happily, I wasn't lying in a tent praying that the fly would hold up.
On Friday, we left Groton and moved on to Rock of Ages Granite Quarry in Barre. From start to finish, the production of granite is mesmerizing! The men who harvest the stone, prepare it, carve it and etch it are some of the craftiest, most talented people I've ever watched. The whole process is truly amazing.

We arrived back at school at 3 pm on Friday. It was wonderful to get home to Gerry, Ella, Austen, Peter and even Max. Boy, to I love my bed!

Provided that Ella's class also makes the trip, I have 2 years to pack for the next time out to Groton. I hope they go. I wouldn't miss it for anything!