Monday, June 30, 2008

Loving the Suds from Suds to Love

As I mentioned here, Trisha from sent me a birthday bundle of yummy handmade soaps. It was a totally unexpected treat! Sadly, I had to get to the other side of a six day stomach problem before I could return to my normal bubble~loving self. Well, I'm back and let me just say~ Trisha's soap rocks! Every shower with her bars has left me OH~LA~LA so soft!

I am like many others who have a hard time using one bar at a time. Except now. I've been treating these soaps like a box of Godiva Chocolates... one bite of this, one bite of that! I can't tell you which I love best. They are all fabulous. I might be able to say that the Sweet Lemon and also the Wasabi Green Tea have been into the shower twice with me, but each scent has it's own wonderful qualities!

Trisha's packaging is also very sweet. Please note the cute paper collars wrapped around each bar. The different paper adds to the individual personality of each bar. What makes it all so fun is that I feel like I've known and loved many of these soaps from afar since Trisha is so great about posting pictures on her blog. Now, seeing them all dressed up and in person is a great treat!!

Thanks Trisha for your generous gift! You are a sweetie pie and you make amazing soap! Big hugs!


Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Trisha has been so generous! What a Happy Birthday surprise that must have been. I too have been enjoying the bubbly delights from her!


Heidi said...

Aren't they so pretty! I love how colorful the paper is. Such a nice touch = )