Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ella the Graduate

For the seventh time, we were so happy to go to the School Street Montessori End of the Year Party yesterday. It was a big day for Gerry and me because Ella graduated from pre-school and is headed off to Kindergarten in the fall. We were giggling about having been there for the two years that Peter attended, the three years that Cora attended and the three years that Ella attended. Wait! that's eight... wow. (Austen attended Gifford Pre-School but has been named an honorary alum of S.S. Montessori!)

Anyway, we were treated to lots of cute songs, great conversation with fellow parents and dear friends & watching Ella get her Montessori Diploma. She also received a blue ribbon for being the "Best Monkey Bar Climber" in the class! She and Cora have shared that title for the past 4 years. You can see her in the picture wearing her brand-new-most-favorite-of-the-moment- pink dress with polka dots. Very fancy!

There aren't words to describe how amazing and wonderful our experience with Montessori has been. Carmen, Marla, Sally, Edie, Cindy & Kirsten have taught and loved our kids in such a magical way. They have shared,with so many kids in our community, the wonder of exploration, learning and good friends. Our kids and so many others in our town are very blessed to have had the chance to take their first steps into the "big world" with all of the amazing women there!

So, yesterday's ceremony was bitter sweet. I am so proud of Ella and I can see that she is really ready to start the next phase of her life. But, I have really enjoyed watching Ella grow with Carmen and her staff! I can't imagine life without a few 5 or 6 minute chats with Ella's sweet teachers. I can't imagine leaving behind the place that shared its magic with my family for all of these years. Most of all, I can't imagine the end of the days of standing by the playstructure in the Montessori yard watching one of my wee ones crossing over the Monkey Bars and yelling, "Mommy! Watch!".

Thank you, Carmen and all of you wonderful ladies. My family is a better group for having shared these years with you.


Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Aww...your heart must be melting, such a BIG step for little Ella. She looks just precious in her little pink dress. Sounds like she (and you) will have such wonderful fond memories.

Anonymous said...

It's a huge thing to find a school that is so perfect for the child; I'm sad for you that your time with them has ended, but you'll have those wonderful memories, and your kids have had a terrific start to life.

Miss Ella looks as colorful and beautiful as one of your soaps! :)

sherrieg said...

Lovely! Yay, Ella!

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