Friday, June 13, 2008

Austen the Graduate

Huge hugs and congratulations to Austen! He graduated from Randolph Elementary School yesterday and is headed for Junior High School in the Fall. Austen had about 65 kids in his class. Most of them have shared their days since Kindergarten. They are a great & diverse group of kids. Austen has a super sweet group of close friends, and I know he counts all of his classmates as buddies. Here he is (center) with Lance (l) & Kyle (r). Special thanks to all of the teachers & staff who made Austen's years at RES so great!

The graduation ceremony was adorable. I had some tears, but they were all happy, amazed tears.
So happy that Austen is growing up & so amazed at how quickly these little people became strong, smart pre-teens. When did that happen? My favorite part was the slide show that the kids put together. The background songs were, "Finally" by Fergie &"Life is a Highway" by Rascal Flatts.
I know I wasn't the only Mom with a few tears... Congrats, Austen! You're a star!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Austen!!! He's the same age as my ds#1 (who would be going into Jr High in the fall if he went to public school). What an age, eh? A little bit mom's baby, still, and a whole lot of self-confidence, going-on-seventeen attitude. ;)

He looks so sweet!

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

He is so handsome! Congrats on the next BIG step coming up.

Also, I love this class picture~

Suds to Love said...

Good grief, talk about an emotional month for you... first Ella, now Austen. Congrats to the whole house!

Sakai Family said...

Great pix from graduation! What an impressive ceremony, and what impressive kids, too... Way to go, Austen!! You def. were not the only mom who was teary-eyed, Heather.... The slide show was my favorite part, too, and the most tear-provoking! Hard to believe we're sending these guys off to JUNIOR HIGH NEXT YEAR! Thanks for being such good friends and neighbors through all these wonderful years!