Thursday, April 3, 2008

Under the Willow Love & the Pedi Winner

I have never met Carrie~Gigi from Under the Willow Gifts in person, but I know for sure that she is one of the nicest ladies around. Her words of encouragement and excitement jump out and give the reader a huge hug. Her talent runs full spectrum from her gorgeous Billows to her amazing soaps to her great talent as a blog writer on Under the Willows. She is kind and warm and I love every message I get from her.

Today I cued up her blog, like I always do, and was shocked to see that the topic was... me! Ok, actually it wasn't all about me, it was about some Birch Bark Dog Shampoo that she ordered from Etsy. Her words were so kind and wonderful! I'm still pink from blushing and excitement! And I'm not the only one blushing! Max the dog (our 3 year old yellow lab) has a huge crush on her ever-so-delicate Bella-Cinderella! Make sure you check out Under the Willow Gifts and Mud Puddle Girl, her adorable line for little girls. Here's the link to Mud Puddle Girl the blog Much love Carrie~Gigi! Thank you for adding so much to my bubble fun!

So, now for the winner of the Tingle Pedi Kit! In my very un-scientific way, I found the winner by taking 4+4 (4/4 was the date I was supposed to announce, but we'll be in rainy Boston on a field trip with Austen's class) so that's 8 and I counted to the 8th comment on the Pedi Post.
So, the winner is gracefruit! I get to send my pedi kit to Scotland! If you haven't read gracefruit's blog, click here and lay your eyes on some gorgeous soap!!! Here's the link to her site for her Longcroft Soap Company. Gracefruit, leave me your address in the comments box and I'll send the kit along!! I wish I could come with it! :)


Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Many, many hugs to you Heather...& Gracefruit~ you are in for a treat! Congrats!

Awww...I just love that pic of Mr. Prince Max!

Joanna Schmidt said...

Carrie~Gigi is fantastic. She is warm, generous, sweet and ....well - wonderful!

Gracefruit, lucky you!

Teresa R said...

Carrie-Gigi is indeed one of the loveliest ladies I've ever "met"!

Yay...congrats, Gracefruit!! She definitely deserves the prize because she is so helpful and wise.

gracefruit said...

Thank you, Heather! I am trying not to bounce from excitement (I'm the only one awake in the house at the moment!)

My details are:
E Carnahan
146 Glasgow Road

If you can find a big enough box, jump in and come over!

Thanks again,
Elizabeth xx

Heather@Twin Birch said...

ok! We're on our way!!! ;)