Thursday, April 10, 2008

Peanut Allergy

I have a peanut allergy. I just decided that this morning. It's not what you think, though. I know how fortunate I am not to have to contend with a food allergy. But, I'll tell you what- I CANNOT STAND PACKING PEANUTS!!! They are the quickest way to ruin my euphoria when a new order of soap making supplies comes in.
I will admit that this is a spill-inspired rant.

I am crazy fanatical about packing orders up so that they arrive in perfect condition. (I have a little bit of perfectly-perfect syndrome!) I also think it's important to reuse all of the packing materials that I can. I want to be green! But, I can't make myself re-use those #%@$ peanuts! I think it's a total buzz-kill to have to deal with them. I'm into making people feel good and relaxed. Opening a box of peanuts makes me tense and a little crazy! :)

So...who's with me in the PEANUT FREE ZONE?


Anonymous said...

I hear ya, Heather!

I recently FreeCycled the peanuts I had (from ordering things) to a lady who said she wanted to use them to stuff "bean bag" chairs.

Peanuts are pretty annoying...especially in the dry winter months when they are so sticky with static that I look like I have snow all over me when I am done taking merchandise out of a box. :}

I prefer to use newsprint paper to pack things to mail. You can get ends from a local newspaper place for next to nothing, and it lasts me a long, long time.

Joanna Schmidt said...

They can be annoying, they cling to everything, break apart, attract lint/fuzz/hair....messy, I agree.

But how sad would it be to fill the landfills with those instead of using them again, for the next person to use them again....etc.

Heather@Twin Birch said...

Right on. I have a friend who takes them, too. I just want people to stop sending them to me in the first place. I love newsprint paper the most. Also, sometimes my orders from BB come with really nifty little foam pads. I love repacking with those. And my poor kids know better than to try to jump on any bubble wrap that comes in a box of stuff for mommy. :)

Suds to Love said...

I absolutely hate packing peanuts. I was upstairs cleaning my soaping storage area last night and had to put peanuts from three boxes into two different garbage bags. I don't have a peanut recyling location near me, so I just take my bags and drop them off at The UPS Store down the street from where I work. I would hate to clog the dump / world with them in the trash can. I use newspaper or tissue paper when I ship anything.

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Makes me crazy too, especially when the air is dry and they end up everywhere. I think I have walked out of the door more than one time with packing peanuts stuck ain't pretty :)

gracefruit said...

Those things make me mental, but I must admit to reusing them. More often than not, I receive the starch variety. They don't stick to things and they melt on contact with water. I prefer them to the styrofoam peanuts.

dcyrill said...

I can't stand those things. Have you ever tried vacuuming them up. You are just asking for trouble. I nearly toasted my vacuum the other day trying to get those off the floor. Ugh

Heather@Twin Birch said...

That's funny! I haven't tried the vacuum, but I have poured them all into the tub to try to dissolve them with the water. That's a bust.