Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Who Knew?

No, this isn't me. It's Ella Little-Miss-Five on a day when she wasn't ready to be awake. Tonight I know just how she feels....

So, I've been listing body products on Etsy for about six weeks. I sold a couple of things in the beginning and then had a dry spell. Thank goodness for the Blue Moon Boutique here in town and several friends who ordered potions for themselves or gift baskets for friends, etc. I haven't gone without some pending order since Christmas. (I am so thankful!) But, the etsy thing didn't seem to be on fire.

At some point yesterday that changed. Since yesterday morning, I have packaged and shipped
sixteen orders. (?!) I'm a little bit tuckered but very happy and totally hooked on the satisfaction of bundling up my wares and sending them hither and yon. Here is a peek at the big seller:

Cute, right? I got the duckies from WSP. I love them, but I had no idea that they would sell so well. It gives me a giggle. The duckies also give me a giggle. I guess it's good to have fun with it!


Heidi said...

Those soaps are so cute! I'm glad you've seen a pick up in your Etsy sales...that must be encouraging = )

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Congrats on the pick up! And oh- what a darling pic of your little girl taking a "cat nap."

So, what do you think the change was in your etsy shop?

Anne-Marie said...

These are really cute - congrats on the increase in sales. That's absolutely wonderful news =)

Heather@Twin Birch said...

Thanks everyone! :) Carrie~Gigi, I think it's from showcasing all of the time. I've been in both b&b and also gift showcase. Today is a day off from it, but I'm signed up again for tomorrow!

I still feel like there's a secret trick to find!