Sunday, March 9, 2008

Stormy Weather & Scrubby Love

Our never-ending snow storms have turned into pouring rain "events". I consider myself an upbeat girl, so I'll take the rain! At least we're a little closer to seeing some grass (we should have that breakthrough by the 2nd week of April.

Yesterday Peter had a few buds over to celebrate his birthday (which was Feb. 25th) We had decided to embrace our circumstances and have a Snow Bash party. It ended up as a Play-Football-in the Rain/Snow-and-get-soaked Party. You've got to love 10 year old boys. They were totally into it and declared it "AWESOME!", when the came back in. We could hear their winter clothes spinning in the dryer while we had pizza and cake.

We had a great date night last night. Dinner and a movie.. Definitely/Maybe. It was cute. The wind was HOWLING all night and I was worried about the Twin Birches. Happily, they are still standing!

I hear a lot about the dry heat of the Southwest. I'd like to share that there is some serious DRY COLD up here in Vermont. I've always been a scrub junkie and I've been making it by the truckload for myself and some of the girlfriends who share the addiction. I make two: Silky Sugar & Shea and Silky Salt & Shea. So far I've made them in Champagne Chic, Starry Night,
Amy's Alchemy (Amy is one of the Girls... she came up with a Patchouli/Lavender blend... it's nice). I have girls asking for it in Energy, Grapefruit Lily & Marmalade Sky. For fun it has Shimmer Dust in it. It's a great way for us to show of our Inner Sparkle! Of course, it's on Etsy !:)Yay for soft skin!


Carrie ~ Gigi said...

How fun! Here we are yet to see much snow---okay I said it, now we'll probably have a foot of unforecasted snow!

Your scrubs sound divine!!!! What a perfect treat for your skin in the snow & "rain".

Heather@Twin Birch said...

Max ran up our back hill to bark at a deer (or a leaf) this morning and slid down on his back like a Luge Guy! We're icy now. No snow for you! ;)

I'm off to use some more scrub. I took yesterday off from the scrub and I was scratchin' all day!