Friday, February 29, 2008

Sun in Vermont

I'm so happy to report that we have some sun here today! I love the way it looks on my Asian Plum candle! I have been playing with pouring candles for about a month. Gosh! It's just another fun side of the lotion & potion party! As in all things, pouring a good candle is not as easy as one would think! I love finding my way through it, though!

Asian Plum is a yummy fragrance. Clearly, I am finished with winter because, every fragrance I use these days has to take me to a warm sunny place in my mind! I've been focusing on florals and greenery, hoping that they will carry me through these last weeks of winter!

I'm giggling as I write that we are due for another 10 inches of snow tonight! Max will be thrilled!!

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