Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Cora!

Wednesday was a really special day around here. We got 12 inches of snow, so the kids had no school. The bubble lab was in high gear. Most importantly, Cora turned 7 years old! She is just getting over a nasty bug, so she was pretty quiet all day, but she managed to perk up when Gerry got home so that we could open her gifts and share her birthday dinner.

Austen, Peter and Ella were so excited to celebrate Cora's special day. From picking out gifts the week before, to wrapping and card signing, to helping make her special dinner (which was breakfast!), they were into every part!

Cora loves her Princess Barbie Horse Drawn Carriage and her new Webkins (a pink horse named Jessica.) She is finally feeling well enough to go to school and tomorrow we'll have her friends here for some bubble making and pizza eating. My job today is to figure out how to make a tiara shaped cake! :)

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