Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cora's Birthday Bubble Party

We had Cora's birthday party on Saturday and we made (what else?) soap!! Cora had several friends here, so Austen, Peter & Gerry stepped in as fabulous bubble helpers!! It's so fun to watch little kids get excited about creating soap. Since this was my second party in two weeks (!) I had a chance to really notice what it's like for them. When they come down to the bubble lab, the first thing we do is run through all of the senses that soap involves. (We've decided that it hits 3/5 although you could argue that the "oohs and aahs" qualify as hearing!) Then we talk choices.
Clear or Opaque? Scent? Color? How does the scent you choose influence what color you choose?
They really get into it! At this party, Cucumber Melon from Bramble Berry was very popular. Interestingly, some thought that was a "pink scent" and some thought definitely green. Blue Cotton Candy was also a big seller. (Of course, it wasn't always blue!)

All in all it was a great success! The girls also got to take home Pink Princess Foaming Hand Wash so that they can stay fresh and clean. In a sad transition, Cora and the rest of us fell victim to a rough stomach virus just hours after the party. We are all recovering and using more hand wash than ever!!!

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