Friday, February 22, 2008

Spa Night & a Lunar Eclipse

Sometimes, I am torn between crafting soap and mom stuff. Sometimes I'm working under a deadline and my super-patient kids are so understanding and helpful that I know I'm the luckiest mom ever. (The same holds true for my wonderful and supportive husband. Just last night he was with me at 2 am putting the final touches on an order that needed to be delivered this morning!)
On Wednesday night, I had the chance to pamper the kids with a warm foot bath, foot massage & pedicure.

All of the kids sat in front of their own little bowl and dropped in a Mint Chip Bath Bizzy . After some fun fizzing and bubbling, the kids dunked their piggies in and sat back for a nice soak! I put on some great spa music and lit some candles. They really loved it!

When the soak was over, it was time for a relaxing foot massage with some Tingle Foot Lotion, which I include in my Pedi Kit on etsy. It was so great for me to have some time to massage those little feet and watch them just relax and enjoy it. I really loved taking care of the boys' feet, since they are so much older and not so quick to cuddle! :) After all four were done, the girls had some nail polish applied to their toes and we were ready for the eclipse.

Needless to say, it was a little late for everyone! They boys saw the full eclipse but didn't make it to the re-emergence. The girls saw the first bite taken out of the Moon. I saw the beginning of the re-emergence and was inspired by the lovely rusty color that the Moon reflected. Perhaps there is a new soap recipe in that image!

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Anne-Marie said...

I got to see the full lunar eclipse with three of my closest girlfriends; it was a pretty cool experience. =)

It sounds like you all had a great night too.