Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Libby's Birthday Bubble Party

My oh my was Saturday a fun day in the Bubble Lab! Libby Papp and her 2 friends came over to have a bubble class for her birthday party. Her mom, Ramsey, was such a sport to be the first Bubble Party customer! It was so great to teach the girls how to make soap! We chose our medium (clear glycerin soap), and everyone selected their own color and fragrance. Cora and Ella came downstairs to see what was going on and Libby and Ramsey were kind enough to let them crash the party!

After the soap was in the molds, we all made a bottle of Bubble Bath! Hopefully the girls have enjoyed a great soak in the tub with their new bath & body products! Happy Birthday, Libby!


VTPapp said...

It was a great idea for a party. The girls loved it, and Mom loved not having to throw a big party at home:)

Heather@Twin Birch said...

It was a treat to do it, Ramsey! Thanks again!