Friday, January 23, 2009

Playing Blog Tag... Indie Beauty Style

I was tagged today by Lisa Rodgers of Cactus & Ivy greatness. Lisa's blog is called The Southern Accent. It's so fun to read about what she's up to with her cutie southern accent. (She once gave me permission to use "y'all" in my daily speak, but I'm a yankee and, sadly, it doesn't fly when it comes out of my mouth. *sigh*) Anyway, the challenge came from Donna Maria, the powerhouse behind the Indie Beauty Network & Indie Business Blog. My task, since I choose to accept it, is to list the Top Ten Reasons that I love being an Indie girl.

Here it goes~

1. The sky is my limit. I can dream as large as I want and make it happen. I love thinking about where Twin Birch will be in a year, 5 years, 10... I also love looking back to see how far we've come.

2. I'm always Mom first. My kids can find me (even when I'm trying to hide!) and I can usually drop whatever I'm doing to help them if they need it.

3. I can be creative! I love thinking up new ideas and playing with new products. I love the inspiration I get from everywhere and I love working into my products.

4. I get to work with my family. We all spend time in the bubble lab. My sons are the ones who created the first Ninja soaps and they are a great seller!

5. I've made new friends. I love connecting with the people of IBN. They are so sweet, funny and SMART!

6. Taking my products into a retail shop and seeing how well they are received is a blast! I am always so proud and flattered when people agree to sell my line

7. I can multi task. Sometimes this is my downfall, but usually I'm pretty good at making soap, answering email, doing the laundry, helping with homework and walking the dog. :)

8. I learn EVERYDAY!

9. I usually smell really good! I love all of the amazing oils that I get to work with and all of the great ingredients that I play with! If there is any doubt about how aromatherapy works, just check in with one of us soapmakers. We're a really happy bunch and we smell great, too!

10. Everything! I feel like this is what I am here to do. My mission is to help people find wonderful pleasure in the simple task of taking care of themselves. I believe that if we nurture our bodies and spirits, we are better able to give back to others and everyone wins.

Here are my 5 tag picks:

Stephanie Craig - Honey Bee Soaps
Debbie Chialtas - Soapylove
Lori Nova - The Nova Studio
Rochel Roland - The Joyful Bath Co.
Stephanie Reynolds - Hothouse Botanicals

Indies Rock!


Marla Bosworth said...

I had fun reading your Indie Blog Tag Post! Good one about smelling great all the time. :)


Nell said...

My husband tells me I smell good. And I always tell him it's my job!

Enchanted said...

You have won an award!


Please come to my blog to collect it.