Monday, January 5, 2009

Pick One of Two... EtsyBloggers Carnival Fun

Happy New Year everyone! The Carnival Blog topics at EtsyBloggers Street Team for January are thought provoking. One choice is to write about the CPSIA Law of 2008. You can read up on it at Joey & Aleethea's blogpost. What I know is that it's hauntingly reminiscent of the FDA Globalization Act of 2008 which threatened the handcrafted bath & body business with all of its weighty regulation & hefty registration fees. Since I participated in local government for 4 years as a Selectboard member here in Randolph(please don't call me a Selectman!) LOL, I have seen with my own eyes how ordinances, laws & regulations can enhance & impede community life. I'm 100% support the guidelines in place to help our products be safe & well made. I am grateful to the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild for the wealth of information that they provide to all of us independent businesses. I don't favor regulating small business out of business. I believe they are the honest backbone of a healthy economy. Whew! That was serious!

The other choice was to list some New Years resolutions. I can't be that serious about them because I hardly ever keep them for the whole year! Here are my not so serious promises to myself:

1. I will not freak out over cleaning my house anymore! It's one thing to be neat & tidy *(I am) it's something totally different to be a cranky whirling dervish upending the house in the name of vacuuming up some dust bunnies.

2. I will stop calling Atkins Shakes my breakfast. We have 10 hens. We get at least 56 eggs a week. No more shakes.

3. (And I am serious about this one) I will adopt a "drop everything and play" policy.
Since Austen entered 7th grade, I realize how fast these precious days evaporate. I don't care if the laundry needs switching or the email needs answering. I'll never be sad for putting those things off and spending time with our 4 sweet kids and my wonderful, adorable husband.

Three seems like a fair number. Of course I could go on & on about business goals, but those are written down and in place. Hopefully, this will be another Year of the Birch! :)

Oh, 1 more resolution... when someone says pick one of two, I will follow directions! LOL!


Anonymous said...

LOL, Heather!

I like your promise #3; I have a hard time doing that, and I know I will regret it later. So thanks for the reminder!

Heidi said...

I too am working on the #3. It can be so hard some today. Especially when the kids want to do something that means lots more work for me later!

Nell said...

Great goals! Here's to getting it done.