Saturday, November 1, 2008

Feel the Love Friday Hops Aboard the Holiday Express

I hope you all had a fab Halloween! We had a blast. I'll have to post about that this week. I have a picture of a great friend in lederhosen, but he won't let me blog about him... I have to apply a little pressure. It will be worth it, though. He has great knees. hee hee!

Congratulations to Teresa R of Life, Homesteading & Everything. She's an adorable mom who home~schools here sweetie kids and muses about everything from fine lit. to chickens. She's also a great handcrafted soap customer. Who doesn't love that? Go over to her blog. You'll love her, too! So, Teresa.... Here's the giveaway gift.

It's my Holiday Trio of Artisan Soap... a cute little package of my three holiday favs~ perfect pumpkin, cranberry cheer & vermont spruce. It's all dressed up and ready to give. Or keep. I love all three of these soaps. Hopefully you will too!

You can grab one from etsy. They are great for hostess gifts during the Holiday Party Season or for Stockings & Hanukkah treats. Congrats to you, Teresa & thanks for being such a great, sweet friend! I have your addy, so I'll get it out to you this week!


Carrie @ Under the Willow said...

Ms. Teresa is one lucky gal!

And Teresa~ wait until you smell the Vermont Spruce----it is divine! I have it displayed in a bathroom, and the smell is fabulous! It's warm, nestled by the fire fab!!!!

Anonymous said...

Heather, darlin', you have MADE my weekend!!! What a fabulous way to start my November. xoxo

p.s. my pooch gets to have a bath with your always terrific doggie shampoo this weekend!

Suds to Love said...

Congrats Teresa! I'm loving the Pumpkin, it's awesome and in my shower now!

Michelle said...

I love that green swirl! Congratulations Teresa!

kari and kijsa said...

Lucky gal- those look fabulous!!! Mmmm- we love yummy soaps!!
kari & kijsa