Friday, November 7, 2008

Feel the Love Friday Giving Away in a Peaceful Way

I'm heading out to other craft show this weekend. Boy, the holidays sure are crazy, aren't they??
In that vein, I thought that this weeks giveaway should offer a little Peace to life. This bar is just the ticket. It smells sooo yummy. Clean, fresh~ kind of like a crisp winter day. You can get your very own at Twin Birch at Etsy.

Unless you are Pajama Mama, then I'm sending it to you for free!! Send me your addy, girlie!!
I can't wait to ship it! And go see her blog. She's adorable!

Happy Weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Pajama Mama! You're sooo generous, Heather!!

Carrie @ Under the Willow said...

One beautiful soap~ and I'd say one lucky winner too!


Bella is missin' Max....and oh--I'm LOVIN' the All Natural Dry Shampoo you sent---I have even used it after their baths with your terrific dog shampoo as an extra bit of "smell good" lovie for the dogs...

Pajama Mama said...

Me! Me! I won! I won!

Some peaceful soap is exactly what I need this week!

Suds to Love said...

Congrats to Pajama Mama!

What kind of colorant did you use on the dove? It's so beautiful and just ever so sparkly...

Heidi said...

You have a way with m&p. I've never been very good at it. I love looking at your creations. Congrats to pajama mama!

Heather@Twin Birch said...

thanks girls!

c~g...max must be missing bella, too! he's not quite right this week!
I love that shake. It's a great carpet cleaner, too!;)

p~j mama... so happy to send!

trisha~ I used robins egg blue mica in glycerin. it actually faded a bit in the soap, but i like the result

heidi~ are you kidding? Your soap is sooo pretty! you could do m&p~ but I don't know how you do anything with your big, full plate! lol!