Monday, November 3, 2008

November 4th

In my past life, I was a girl who wanted to be a political journalist. I'm not that happy to discuss politics with friends & family. That can get too icky. But I LOVE the whole process of electing our leaders and representatives. I think it's the greatest, most interesting thing to listen to candidates' ideas & philosophies as well as the public's reaction to them. We are so fortunate to debate & discuss the matters that are important to us and then shut out the world while we cast our VERY OWN vote for the person we believe in most. It's extraordinary, really.

So, I'll keep my vote a secret. I'm sure all of you will be marching off to cast your vote tomorrow, too. I hope you feel as lucky as I do. And then it will be November 5th. I'll be happily making soap and being a mom, in a brand new chapter of American History. Cool.


Anonymous said...

Even though I'm not interested in politics at all, I consider us to be very lucky to live in a democracy where our voices count. :)

And I love that Indiana has early voting; I took the boys to the booth with me and showed them what's involved. I can't believe ds#1 will be able to vote in 6 more years.

Michelle said...

People probably wish I wouldn't say who I'm voting for so much. LOL!! I haven't been to vote yet but I'm leaving in 20 minutes. I can't wait til it is over so I can plop my booty in front of the t.v. and see who our next president is. I'm sure both candidates will sleep for a week after tonight, they must be exhausted.