Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks for All Of You & Where's the Giveaway?

Whew! These are some crazy days! I know I still haven't announced the Feeling the Love Friday Giveaway from last week~ Let's make tardiness fun and have TWO winners this Friday! Stop in early~ and leave me a comment today~ so you can take advantage of my slip up! ;)

Have you all ever seen Plymouth Rock? Well~ here's a picture. It's arguably the most important rock in the New World. Is it huge? Nope. It's kind of small. But if you stop and think about how stark it is, you might imagine what it was like for the Pilgrims when they landed~ not so easy.
I get a little crabby when my bathroom floor is too cold. Can you imagine the first winter here? Yikes. I'm thankful for heat!

And... I'm thankful for all of you fun, sweet, lovely bloggers. Although most of us have never met, each of you make my life better with your sweet messages and fun thoughts. Thank you for all of the love that you send up here! I'm wishing you all a wonderful, full & rich Thanksgiving!~ much love!


VTPapp said...

Have a great Thanksgiving! We're going to see "The Hobbit" by No Strings Marionette Co at Chandler, 11 am Saturday, any interest?

Suds to Love said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! That's a really cool picture o Plymouth rock also, as I've never seen it in person before.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo, Heather! I get the feeling it'll be the only time I'll get to see the Plymouth rock. ;)

I second what you said about being grateful to all the wonderful blogging friends. I certainly am feeling blessed!


jennie w. said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Don't eat too much! Oh wait, do eat too much. That's the spirit of Thanksgiving after all.

Bunny B said...

Cool pic! Could it be like Stonehenge? Seems big, but isn't as big as thought it to be in real life! :P

Joanna said...

I second that. I feel so thankful for having met all of my soaping blogging friends. Perhaps one day we'll meet.

Have a wonderful diner and family time :D