Thursday, October 30, 2008

Under the Willow Love & The Inevitable Last Minute Halloween Crunch

How cute is Carrie~Gigi of Under the Willow? I'll tell you! She won my Feel the Love Friday Giveaway a couple of weeks ago and she sent ME a package of goodies! That just cracks me up.
I'm feeling pretty lucky and well loved! She sent these 2 adorable fabric bags, which are perfect for wrapping a gift to someone you love, or for storing your special things! They are adorable. I love the prints, too! Notice the cute dogs and the sweet prim design!

C~G also sent this brilliant idea for using that tiny bit of m&p left over from making a batch of soap! Look at these pinecones! Aren't they sooo sweet?! She says to dip them into your leftover soap 3 times, to coat them well. I'm guessing you'd let them dry for a few minutes between dips.
How sweet and perfect would these be to decorate your Tree this Christmas? Or to put in the guest bath for a lovely, natural looking decoration? It's such a great idea! I always have that little, tiny bit of leftover. I'll bet it would even work with a thin~trace CP... just have to let them cure.

Thank you so much for all of the soapy love, C~G! You're way too generous! Go visit Under the Willow and Mud Puddle Girl to read Carrie's great, fun blogs. And head over to her Under the Willow site to purchase some divine goodies!! She it too cute!! :)

So, it's the day before Halloween. Undoubtedly, I'll be charged with some "minor" tweak of the costumes or, worse, someone will decide at 4:37 tomorrow afternoon that they hate their costume and burst into tears~ lol! I remember when the boys were little and they would come to me with their adorable little faces and say, "MOMMY?! Would you make me a PIRATE COSTUME? I brought you the stuff to make it!!! " They'd look up at me with big, proud smiles and produce 3 toothpicks, 7 LEGO pieces and a tortilla. At least these days I can just go to the store like everyone else! Let me know about your favorite costume! Did you *gulp* sew it from scratch, pull it together? Feel free to link me to a picture. I just love this stuff! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


Suds to Love said...

Growing up my mom either sewed my costume or dad helped her make something with cardboard and paint. It's unreal that I can't really remember what they made me other then a mouse (sewn) and clown (sewn). And one year my neighbor and I went as the King and Queen of Hearts that we made costumes from the goodwill store down the street from our houses. For my sister I can think of a few more... a box of crayons, hershey's kiss... that's about it.

Anonymous said...

Funny you ask because I posted pics of our past Halloween costumes today.

Don't you just LOVE Carrie-Gigi?! I'm so glad you posted her pinecone soaps because I've been meaning to, but it keeps slipping my mind. I am SO middle-aged brain these days, it's not funny.

Carrie @ Under the Willow said...

You are the real dear~ Super Bubble maker! I am blushing right now.... hugs to you! Thank you for the wonderful shout-out!

And I can only imagine how excited your kids are tonight thinking about all that candy and trick or treating....:) We want pics!

P.S. Did I ever mention I LOVE Vermont? (sigh)