Saturday, October 18, 2008

Feel the Love *REALLY* Friday Giveaway Week 4

I know, it's Saturday morning! I woke up, slapped myself on the forehead and said, "Oh s#@t!"

So, this weeks giveaway is about sharing the love with the one that you love. My Birch Bedroom
Massage Melts are such a natural, softening, yummy way to deliver *or receive* a great massage!
Let's face it, most of us are running around like maniacs with work, family & life. I'm not saying that's bad, I think it's uber fun. I also believe it makes the quiet times that much sweeter.

So, this week's winner of the Feel the Love *REALLY* (Saturday) Giveaway is......
Sherrie G. from Birch Bark Soap. Sherrie makes the prettiest soap! She's up in Nova Scotia being inspired by birch trees just like me!! Click over & peek at her soaps. You'll love them!
Hope you love the melts, Sherrie! Go ahead, rub it in! ;)

Sherrie, email me your addy~ twinbirch(at)verizon(dot)net. Yay! Happy Saturday, everyone!


Suds to Love said...

Congrats Sherrie!

Anonymous said...

Yay for Sherrie!! Not only does Sherrie make buttery soaps (yummm), but she also does stunning photography. :)

sherrieg said...

Yay! I can't believe I won something else! Thank you! :)

Carrie @ Under the Willow said...

Congrats to Sherrie! I know you're in for a treat!

Bunny B said...

Oh wow!! Awesome stuff!