Sunday, September 21, 2008

Puking at the Tunbridge Fair

I'm sure it's not unique that kids throw up at the fair. It's just that I've never been the mom of one kid who puked after a ride. This year I was the mom of TWO pukers. They went on the Twirly Hurl 3 times in a row. was kind of like the Barf-O-Rama scene in "Stand By Me". So, here are the exit interviews of the 2 chuckers. They might make you sick or they might make you laugh! Let me know either way! ;)
The vid. is so dark because Austen had to go lie in the grass in a quiet corner.



Suds to Love said...

Oh wow, I hope the kids are feeling better now... maybe next year, just once;-)

Heidi said...

Oh dear...
I guess the twirly hurl was named appropriately.

gracefruit said...

Hoo boy! I hope it was just temporary. Is it possible you have one ride puker and one sympathy puker? ;)