Monday, September 1, 2008

Final Thoughts on Blackberries

My girlfriend, Ramsey was kind enough to point out that I posted a picture of black raspberries posing as blackberries. So, I want to share a picture of the real blackberries we've been enjoying.
Thanks to all of you for your awesome recipe ideas! If you missed the fun, check it out and make sure to read the comments because the ideas for using up blackberries are KILLER!

Speaking of killer, I'm a city girl who loves the country, the woods & my adopted home state of Vermont. However, I have no desire to run into any bears. Although I've been reassured 1000 times that the black bears which live around here are "more afraid of you, don't want to run into you either, will run as soon as they hear you coming...", I'm scared of them. After all, when we say that something brings out the MAMA BEAR in us, we're not talking about tea & cookies, right?

On an amazingly beautiful walk in our woods yesterday we came across this:

I'm pretty sure that it's bear $&%#! (I guess you can also call it scat.) I know the picture's not that great... I was shaking when I took it. Do note the blackberry seeds which are quite evident.

Needless to say, I spent the rest of the hike hooting and hollering. I like to think they heard me coming and made other plans. Oh, and guess who else has blackberry seeds in his poo? I'll give you a hint.....


Anonymous said...

LOL, Heather! I'm actually envious you got to see bear scat (but you knew I am an odd duck). My dog eats blackberries too! How funny.

Joanna said...

thank you for sharing poop with me on this fine Tuesday morning.

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Ditto, ditto, and BIG DITTO on black bears. I am scared of them too~recently my brother bought property on a side of mt. in Maryland~ well---- I was shaking in my booties when we hiked his land, because I just knew a black bear was probably looking at us. And yes, they don't appear to have any agression toward people---BUT ya know-there always could be a first! So "scant" about that! :)

egassner said...

LOL! I love reading about poo! That is some very berry poo too. Our dog eats all sorts of fruits...he'll paw at the blackberries until they fall off and he also eats the pears and apples when they drop this time of year.
And the soap does look SCRUMMY!