Monday, September 8, 2008

And The Winner Is... ME!

I love reading Teresa's blog Life, Homesteading, and Everything. She's funny, interesting and kind. She's also a great soap customer, which I thoroughly appreciate!! Recently, she posted a give-away. She is giving away The Creativity Book by Eric Maisel...and she's giving it to me! :) I won her very fair, random drawing. ;)
I'm so excited. I would love a year's worth of inspiration, which is what the book promises!!

Thanks Teresa! You're a honey! Do pop over to Teresa blog... you'll love it!

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Anonymous said...

Stop, Heather, you're making me blush! - it's so cool, and I don't feel like I'm unconsciously biasing the results. :>

You're most welcome and I hope you'll find it useful...or at least read it (unlike me!). ;)