Friday, September 5, 2008

The Ladies

Our little flock of hens is doing so well. I am amazed at how entertained I am to watch them from my kitchen window. They are quite a little group. They have been feasting on our crickets for weeks. They follow me up the trail to go blackberry picking with me. They dart from here to there for reasons I don't know. Really, they are quite fun.

Little Guy, our kindergarten chicken is now about 18 mos old. She faithfully lays one egg each day. As the only survivor of our Kinder~flock, she holds a special place in my heart. Plus, she lived with Connor, the rooster~with~anger~issues, for months before he met up with that awful fox. (see Connor's story here.)

I can't wait until all of the girls are laying eggs. I'm guessing it won't be too long now. They are about six months old. When do they start producing? I know one of you has the answer.
Meanwhile, they walk by the window of the bubble lab while I'm soapmaking and I know all is right in the world.


Stepahnie Craig said...

Heather, chickens are alot of fun to watch aren't they. Our older chicks were eaten up by critters too so we ordered 26 more chickies and they are doing really well. To my surprise the 2 older chicks we have left seem to be protective of the babies. They don't like me to feed, water and clean up the cage. I hope they will continue to be nice when the get to co coop.

Teresa R said...

Aww, I love your chickens! OK, I love chickens, period. ;) Your white one (Little Guy, right?) is especially beautiful.

Chickens usually start to lay around 6 months of age (I had to ask ds#1, my chicken expert. He reads Backyard Poultry religiously.)

Most people who've ever raised chickens end up mesmerized by them. I know my kids could spend all day watching them (at one point anyway; now they're too busy with LEGOs and email...*sigh*).