Monday, May 5, 2008

Dear Best Friend, Happy Birthday!

It's a very special day! Today is Gerry's (my darling husband) 42nd birthday! I have to share about how amazing he is and how lucky I am!

I've been lucky enough to call Gerry my best friend for 23 years. He is all of the things that a girl could hope for. He's smart, funny, kind, generous... he knows how to use a vacuum cleaner! He treats me like a princess. (And I only deserve it some of the time!) He is a successful attorney who treats everyone that he works with, with respect and courtesy.

Gerry is the best father I know. He's patient, loving and 100% active in his kids' lives. He plays games with them for hours! I've seen him play Barbies and then go throw the football or teach lacrosse or baseball techniques. He wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy the other night because Cora mis-placed her tooth before it made it under her pillow! He also spent 2 weeks working to help kids who had missed Little League sign ups get a second chance. (this included Peter who missed try outs. After 3 weeks and lots of energy to keep him off of the team, the Board generously voted 6-2 to allow a second try out day. That's a story worth its own post!)

He is even behind my bubble business in every way. He counts my inventory without grumbling about the 457 different organza bags I have. He helps get ready for craft shows. He turned his life upside down so that I could go to the HSMG conference for three days! He smells, washes and tries everything! He even smiles about being covered in Diamond Mica from a shimmer bar experiment!

I love you with all of my heart, Gerry. Thank you for being the most wonderful person in my life. Your arms are the safest place I know. Happy Birthday!


egassner said...

How Sweet of you! Your hubby sounds like a very special man! Happy birthday to him!

Joanna Schmidt said...


Heidi said...

So sweet! Your husband sounds like a gem...sounds so much like my husband. He loves to play with the kids and isn't too macho to give paint my daughters finger and toenails = )

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday to your husband, who sounds like a total gem!!

LoveMichie said...

What a sweet post! You are incredibly lucky Heather!!! And a very Happy Birthday to your husband Gerry! He is also incredibly lucky :)

Gerry said...

Wow --- what an incredible, blog message for me to read about myself. It was nice to read on a crazy busy day! But there is one major mistake. I'm the lucky one, not you, Heather.

I'm so lucky to have such an amazing, creative, I shouldn't forget, energetic!, multi-tasking, thoughtful, beautiful, caring, smart, funny, did I say beautiful?, wife and mother to our children.

THANKS, Heather - and thanks to everyone else for the birthday wishes!
I love you,

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

True gems are hard to find~ and I'd say he's a keeper! Any man who can keep track of all those organza bags, and not complain about being "glitterized" is truly a wonderful wonderful person...

Happy Birthday to Him!!!!