Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Never Give the Dog Your Car Keys

I am crazy about Etsy! It is one of the best websites I've ever been to. I could look around that site for hours. (ok, days... don't tell!) There is so much creativity and beauty on there. And, I think it's genius because it gives handcrafters an easy outlet to sell their product! Needless to say, I had to sign up!

So now, as if by magic, you can type twinbirchbathandbody.etsy.com into your PC and see the start of a Twin Birch site. How cool is that? I've only got about 18 items listed with more to follow. It's a total kick! Thank goodness for Etsy!!

Sadly today wasn't a day to post on Etsy... It was a day turned on its head when Max our 130 lb yellow lab (not fat, just the size of a donkey) stepped on my car keys which I had thrown onto my front seat while I unloaded groceries. After I returned my cart to its corral, I returned to the car and found it locked. Of course, Max was looking at me from inside wondering why we weren't rolling already! Big Bummer. (Did I mention that it was 7 degrees here in beautiful Vermont?)

Thanks to a great policewoman, I finally got back in and drove home with a car FULL of groceries and Max. I'll Etsy tomorrow~

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VTPapp said...

Poor Max, locked in the car again?
You should have called, Stockwells would have loved it!!!