Thursday, April 29, 2010

And the Beat Goes On

As much as I love being on Facebook, I have missed blogging! We've been wicked busy! Here are some pics to catch up. Of course, Max is doing very well and the mountains are still beautiful!

Peter competed in the Vermont Jr. Iron Chef competition
We had another fantastic Easter Brunch at the Langham in Boston
The girls grew and stayed cute and the boys (and my friend Ramsey) all earned their 1st Dan Black Belts in March.

Twin Birch continues to grow. I am opening a store/studio next week which will give people a chance to come in and shop, see soapmaking and even take classes to learn how to make fantastic natural skin care products. I can't wait to share pictures & stories from this new adventure!


Under the Willow said...

Nice to catch up with you! Family is growing and doing do well ~ wonderful!

AND MAX-dear MAX looks great-A BIG BOW WOW from Bella...

AND opening a brick and mortar shop- WOW!!!!!! I can't wait to hear and "see" all about it. You'll do fabulous- your products are standouts as are you!

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suds to Love said...

Congrats on the shop, how exciting. So happy to see pictures and see that everyone's been busy and Max looks just as content!

TeresaR said...

Nice to see you back in bloggy land! You guys all look wonderful and happy. I've seen you at other ppl's FB pages, but I just don't get around to actively friending people there...sorry! I'm so thrilled for you that business is expanding and thriving. :)