Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lots of Summer Fun

We have had an AMAZING Summer! We have six days until the start of school. I think I'll spend every moment enjoying these days and my sweet family. I am so thankful!


Anonymous said...

You guys had so much fun - look at all of you looking so gorgeous and happy!

Your chicks are darling too; how many did you get? We need to order soon (for meat though).

Heather@Twin Birch said...

we ordered 25 (a grouping of brown-egg layers) one didn't make the journey :(. they are growing like weeds... almost fully feathered and ready to head out to the coop with our 2 remaining "grown up" hens.

Gerry always talks about meat birds, but I'm too chicken (haha) to want to get them. Is it hard to slaughter them or does someone do it for you?

happy end of August! xo

VTPapp said...

You can get someone come to do the "harvesting" of the chickens. That is what Jenny does. It is in a big truck and you hardly see anything gory I believe.