Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Austen Plays Lax, Peter Plays Third!

We are officially a two sport family. Peter is playing really well for his Little League team, the A's. They are the team to beat this year with a record of 5 and 0. As a mom, I appreciate their enthusiasm and great sportsmanship. Their coaches are fantastic and we parents have a raucous time in the bleachers! It's always a great time!

This year Austen is playing Lacrosse for the Randolph Middle School Ghosts~that's him with the #1 on his shirt. He is playing quite a lot since they only have 2 or 3 subs for the team. He plays attack mostly and has had a few "pancake" moments. Of course, I had no idea what that means until he explained to me that being "pancaked" is to be flattened on the field by the opponent. One worse than that is to be "sancaked". Yep, it's being flattened by two opponents in the sandwiched and squished sense. Deep breath. Thank goodness for pads and a great coach!

The challenge is to be at two, three or four places at the same time. We are also still way into TaeKwonDo and the girls have concerts & school functions a lot! Last week, Gerry covered lacrosse & I covered baseball. We updated with text messages and reunited at the ball field since 6 innings takes about twice as long as four quarters. I wonder how our parents managed without all of the great technology?

These are truly awesome, fun days. I'm hanging onto them because I know they will pass in a flash


Teresa R said...

You guys are sooo busy, and so talented athletically! My dh wishes our boys would be a bit more interested in sports. :)

Sorry I'm late with my Mother's Day wishes to you, but I hope you had a lovely weekend!

bellydancinmama1 said...

What an awesome season our boys are having so far! Peter is really playing GREAT, I am going to miss little league next year, I'm sure the Babe Ruth parents aren't half as fun as we are, LOL