Sunday, December 7, 2008

Feel the Love Giveaway is the Bomb

Are you all just cranking through this holiday season? Am I the only one who realized that there are only 17 days 'til Christmas?! I had the most fun, fun, fun Bubble Open House yesterday! I'll blog in the next day or two about all of my favorite girlfriends who came up to do some shopping.

As for my favorite bloggy girlfriends, I feel so lucky to have so many of you! I've been loving this giveaway promo for the past bunch of weeks. Even though I started out calling it Feel the Love Friday Giveaway, it slid quickly to Saturday, Sunday... thanks for all of the patience! :)

I made a whole bunch of bombs for a beautiful store in Burlington Vermont called Candles & Creations. I think they are really fabulous, so I'm packing up a four pack for Elizabeth of Gassner Custom Soaps. Go check her blog & her etsy shop! She's an adorable mom and very gifted soaper (and cutie tutu maker, too!)
Here you go Elizabeth... you're the bomb! xoxo


egassner said...

Aww Heather!! You just made my day! And here I've been neglecting my blogging friends, leaving no love anywhere! Thank you thank you so much! I just love your bombs!

Enchanted said...

Congratulations Elizabeth!

Bunny B said...

Woot! Awesome bombs! :)

Teresa R said...

All right for Elizabeth! I think she could use some relaxing in the tub with these after the week she's had. ;)

Suds to Love said...

I agree with Teresa... time to spend some time soaking Elizabeth!